Sunday, September 24, 2006

Interview with AsianHunk.Net

The Hunk: Dan Hoang

For n weeks now, Dan Hoang has been the most visited hunk in Last week we had a great opportunity to do an interview with the vietnamese hearttrob. He was kind enough to answer a list of questions we asked.

So, you have been occupying the #1 spot on top 100 hunks at How does it feel to you?

It feels GREAT!!! It’s nice to know that I have many nice fans out there. I have fans who tell me they want to start going to the gym because they want to look like me. I think it’s cool that some people want to get in better shape because of me. I have fans who are inspired by my love of travel, art, and learning languages. If I could inpsire some people to follow their dreams, just go out there and do what they really want to do—no matter what other people say, I would feel great. I feel very proud and honored that my Vietnamese fans are so happy that I made it to the top of the list at AsianHunk.Net. As you can see there are only 7 Vietnamese hunks compared to other countries that have 70 or 80 hunks. I love my fans from all countries in Asia and around the world, but it just makes me feel warm inside when Vietnamese fans tell me that they proud of me and happy for me.

Tell us how you got into the model world.

When I was 21, a college friend took some photos of me at the beach. I was somewhat muscularly toned but did not have the kind of physique I have now. I thought the photos were artistic and interesting. I continued to work out to get more muscular. I modeled for friends who were photographers. Later I modeled for professional photographers mostly in San Diego and Los Angeles.

How did you get the body that every man dreams of? How do you keep it?

I started working out when I was 16. I joined the high school varsity wrestling team. We did a lot of sit-ups, push-ups, running, and wrestling drills. We practiced every day. During high school, I started lifting weights at home and at school. When I was in college, I worked out every day at the gym. I have been working out for about 16 years! I try new exercises sometimes and new techniques to find out what works for me.

In 16 years, the longest break I ever took from the gym was about one month. Working out is definitely a part of my life. I keep my body looking this way by going to the gym 5 days a week for about an hour each day. When I have a photo shoot, I usually work out 7 days a week, two or three weeks before the shoot. I know what to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat. It’s hard sometimes to eat right and go to the gym almost every day, but I like having a muscular body.

What are you planning for the next five years? Are you focussing on model world?

In the next 5 years, I see myself modeling, traveling, and painting. I will definitely continue to work out and stay fit so I can do more photo shoots. There are quite a few talented photographers out there whom I haven’t met yet. Since I only model for fun, I do about 6 shoots per year—just enough to add new photos to my website to share with my friends and fans. I love to travel, and I would like to see more of Asia and Europe. I’m planning a trip to Vietnam this December. I’m very excited about going back to Vietnam for the first time! What I really want to focus on is my art. I’m an abstract art painter. I want to devote more time to working in my art studio. One of my dreams is to have an art show to introduce my art to the world. I’m very passionate about my art, so that will be my main focus.

We have seen some of the art works that you’ve been doing. It seems that you are very open to being fully naked infront of the camera. How does it feel while doing it? Did you have any struggles before that?

You mean my photo book by Adu? That was a wonderful experience! Hawaii is a beautiful location to do photo shoots. I’ve been comfortable doing artistic nude shoots for a long time. I did my first professional nude shoot when I was 23. I work very hard to make my body look good, and I like to show it off. I’m definitely not a shy person. I think people’s bodies are beautiful if they exercise regularly and eat right.

What is the place that you enjoy the most while modeling?

Oahu, Hawaii. The Big Island and Maui are beautiful, too. I love tropical beaches with white sand, clear blue water, and coconut trees.

Choose one to be. An international super model, a Hollywood actor, a popular singer and a super rich porn star.

I want to be a model/actor/singer. I want it all! If Jennifer Lopez and Madonna can do it, maybe I can too! Just kidding. Just kidding. Just kidding. I think I really want to be a popular singer. I love music. I love to hum. I love to sing. I love to dance. I wear my Ipod Nano everywhere I go—mall, beach, gym. I think I sing okay. I took some singing lessons. I may never be a good singer, but I still like to sing around my friends and sing to myself. On second thought, I think being a model is best because knowing that many people desire me is a great feeling.

Thanks for your time, we hope the best for you.

Thanks for giving me this interview, so my fans can find out more about me. I enjoyed answering your questions. Best wishes to AsianHunk.Net as well! By the way, my modeling portfolio website, DanHoang.Com, has a link to AsianHunk.Net because I want people to read about me and other Asian hunks. It’s a fun website! And saving the best for last—I want to thank all my AWESOME fans, especially the ones in Asia, for making me #1 on AsianHunk.Net!!! THANK YOU!!!


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